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Tune In : From Bhaskar Bharti. Twists in the tale

Watch Bhaskar Bharti on June 23 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Gyan is tensed as he doesn’t know how will Amarjeet react when he comes to know that Bharti is not coming to the office. He lies to him that she would come soon. Bharti dreams about Armaan. Later, she shares the dream with Payal, who in turn tells her that she (Bharti) has fallen in love with Armaan to which Bharti disagrees.

Sunny is shattered when he comes to know that Armaan is not in love with him but with Bharti. Amarjeet comes to know that Gyan lied to him about Bharti. He asks Gyan to come up with an idea to get back at Bharti or else he would sack him. Bharti gets an apology letter through courier from Amarjeet.

Romantic Science : A scene from the film. Blossoming love

HBO presents, Rocket Science, a 2007-release comedy drama, staring Reece Daniel Thompson, Anna Kendrick and Nicholas D’agosto. High school student Hal Hefner stutters a lot.

On the evening his parents decide to separate, his school’s legendary debater, Ben fails to impress and Ginny, Ben’s teammate loses the first place trophy. Giny recruits Hal and mentors him, only for love to blossom between them. Tune into Rocket Science on Tuesday, June 23 at 9 pm.

Cooking Up a Storm : Kylie KwongA delicious journey

After her successful travel and food show Heart and Soul, famous Chinese chef, Kylie Kwong is back with her new series — Simply Magic. She takes small groups of young enthusiasts on a shopping trips and invites them home to enjoy the exciting food she has prepared.

Kylie shows where to find wonton wrappers to make wonton soup, how to choose coconut milk, palm sugar and different soy sauces. She takes us through fresh Chinese greens such as choy sum and bok choy and the different kinds of mushrooms available. Watch the show on Travel and Living on June 23 at 10 pm.

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