Festival special

Cartoon Network presents the Chhota Bheem and Ganesh special on September 11 at 11.30 am. Enjoy the Ganesha special episode from Chhota Bheem series. Chhota Bheem lives in a 2000-year-old town called Dholakpur.

As a nine-year-old boy, he is brave, strong and intelligent. His rival is Kalia Pahelwan, an eleven-year-old bully, who is jealous of his popularity and always plots to defeat Chhota Bheem along with his sidekicks Dholu and Bholu. Enjoy Chhota Bheem’s adventures as he outdoes his enemies in this special episode.

The ultimate fantasy

Ever wondered what it would feel like to hit the jackpot on every slot-machine? Date the hottest women? Go to the wildest parties? Ride the swankiest wheels in town? Or have a VIP pass to absolutely everything? Watch Eristoff MTV MF 101 as four boys enter paradise — the drop dead gorgeous MF 101 villa in Bangkok, where every male fantasy comes true. Don’t miss the first episode of this one-of-a-kind reality show, which will make your jaw drop in envy.

Tune in to the show, premiering on September 11 at 10 pm on MTV, to watch one souped up pad, four boys, gadgets, hottest wheels and much much more.

Driven to perform 

Human Target — Season 1, a brand new series airs on WB on September 11 at 8 pm. ‘People have secrets, and secrets can be dangerous. But nobody deserves to die.’

This is the thinking of Christopher Chance, a mysterious security agent, who assumes different identities, at times literally becoming a human target on behalf of his clients.
Using the popular DC Comics title as a springboard for a rivetting and intelligent action adventure series, Human Target provides a thrilling ride with no clear boundaries. Resourceful, driven and compelled by a force known only to him, this take-charge antihero barters his services for an aged bottle of scotch much to the chagrin of his associates.

Chance is spunky and humourous but if someone is threatened or a life is in danger, leave it to him to save that person. 

Series of soulful strains

This week, the Sangeeta Mahayuddha team gets together to celebrate a special Ganapathy Habba episode with the six captains performing on Gajamukanae Ganapathey Ninegavanthane, as they welcome the Lord Ganesha on the show. On Saturday, it’s the last of the quarter finals, as Hemanth’s Bayalusima Bulls battle against Rajesh Ramnath’s Mahanagara Malllaru for a spot in the semi-finals.

The battle heats up as Kavya and Yashwanth represent the Bulls to compete against Santhosh and Pallavi from the Mahanagara team.   

On Sunday, witness the first semi-final on Sangeeta Mahayuddha as it’s a battle between L N Shastry’s Veera Nayakas and Nanditha’s Malenada Masters.

Noted music director Gurukiran joins the team as a celebrity guest on this episode. Don’t miss the multi-award winner’s super hit performance.

Both teams put their best foot forward and it’s a tough competition now. But the big question is who will emerge victorious? To catch all the action, tune into Sangeeta Mahayuddha on Udaya TV on September 11 and 12 at 9 pm.

Style gurus 

Watch Trinny and Susannah Undressed on September 12 at 2 pm on TLC. No-nonsense style queens Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are as famed for their outrageous stunts as they are for their blunt fashion advice.

Trinny and Susannah apply their style expertise to three ‘tribes’ whose appearances reflect a collective identity — country ladies, sex bombs and dog lovers.

But before they make any changes, the style gurus are restyled by each group first!

When lives changed forever... 

National Geographic presents My 9/11 on September 12 at 10 pm. In My 9/11, National Geographic revisits the day with a collection of powerful stories of people, who were intricately associated with and impacted by the event — people in the highest echelons attempting to prevent and stop the attacks; ordinary people caught in the middle, like the window washer cleaning the windows of the 93rd floor of the World Trade Center just moments before the attack; and people who still cannot shake how the events of that morning altered their lives forever.

Much of the 9/11 story is well-known — President George Bush in a schoolroom in Florida, hijackers sliding past airport security checkpoints in Boston, the brave NYC firefighters storming the World Trade Center to save lives, and the chaos in Washington as the Pentagon lay smouldering and rumours about which target would be next.

But many personal stories are yet to be heard, and those with surprising new perspectives on the day are only now ready to talk.

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