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Going Places : Meghana

It has been one year since Meghana set her foot in the City to pursue a career as an actress. Leaving her life back in America she returned to Bangalore hunting for her roots and found the place to be very open hearted and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

After basking in the glory of Venkata In Sankata, Meghana didn’t know what her next venture would be and in no time Swaroop Kanchi, an independent English film-maker, approached her with an international project on Bangalore. “I am very excited about this film. Swaroop is a great director to work with and the subject he has chosen is very interesting and new,” says Meghana.

The movie called Bengaloored, has a story that revolves around an NRI boy (played by Harish Raj), who has returned to his home city and notices that the face of the City has changed. While evaluating and absorbing all this, one thing that remains constant is his love interest, Radha, played by Meghana. “The character I play has many shades. She is a simple and straight forward girl yet has these streaks of complication within her. Just when the male protagonist thinks she is the only one who hasn’t changed, you see that she has,” tells Meghana, who has done the role of a college girl earlier. “That’s another thing with this film. I finally get to play a mature, working girl, so I do get to bring in the glamour element and at the same time remain a simple city girl,” she adds. 

Interestingly, the City was Meghana’s first home before she moved out with her parents to the USA. But she always came back to Bangalore for vacations, “The City has changed a lot since then. I still remember the greenery of Cubbon Park and Lalbagh, as I used to go there on the weekends. Now, the greenery is only decreasing day-by-day,” she says.

 Meghana can’t believe how much she has learnt in the past one year in the industry. “When I first came to the City, I didn’t know a thing about films but now I know so much about the process, camera angles and dubbing. I also know what kind of roles are best suited for me. But there is still a lot more for me to learn,” she says.

Ask her about her dream role and she replies, “I love to experiment. I know people have seen me in this modern, city girl avatar. But the day I pull off the role of a village belle with a typical accent and people appreciate me for that, I would think I have done my dream role.”          

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