Trio churns out absolute merriment

Great Music

Musically Inclined: D J Ryan Beck, Ortal Pelleg and Roberto Narain.

What are the key ingredients for a happening party? Great music, great music and great music. And the Absolut party seemed to have got that aspect right.

Getting together three musical prodigies to perform set the stage for a high gear party mood.

The Absolut brand brought together Roberto Narain, who performs Eletronica; Ortel Pelleg, who plays exotic instruments like Digeridoo, mouth harp and the Hang; and the renowned DJ Ryan Beck to rock the evening.

Taking about his gig, Roberto explained, “My kind of music is unexplainable. It’s got hardcore techno beats and it has pretty futuristic stuff. I will be jamming with Ortel, which would be very interesting as his instrument is so ancient. So it’s the two extremes coming together to create universal beats.”

It required two truckloads of equipment and minimum two hours of time to set up, but Roberto felt the result of such logistical nightmare was worth it.

For Ortel, from Israel, who has been in Bangalore now for more than a month, it’s about spreading a positive message through music.

“Music is very influential and it can change people’s life. My greatest inspiration is Bobby Mcferrin, who proved that you don't need any instruments or vocals to be a musician.”

DJ Ryan Beck on the other hand looked most chilled out. “I have been in the industry for 18 years and I love Bangalore, as it’s one of the few cities left in India where the night clubs are not doling out pathetic Bollywood remixes as an excuse for club music. The crowd here is very refined and I am going to give them a taste of EDM or electronic dance music, in the league of DJ Tiesto and the likes, who rock nightclubs all over the world.”

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