Experience bliss, serenity

Experience bliss, serenity

Experience bliss, serenity

Divine: A view of the Nithyananda ashram. (Bottom) A partial view of the Nithyananda ashram with the caves underneath. DH Photos/Author

Nithyanand Ashram, a spiritual centre frequented by people from various Indian states, is located in Hosdurg and is about 2 km from the Kanhangad bus stand.Abode of Swami Nithyananda is a must visit spot for all those who seek spiritual blessings from this yogic prodigy. Go there as a tourist, a devotee or a pilgrim, the experience of peace, serenity and spiritual encounter is the same for all. Believe it or not, the experience stays with you for long, even after you leave the place.

This spot in Kanhangad is the place where Swami Nithyananda lived most of his life and performed meditations and miracles to release his devotees from pangs of life. He is said to have lived in the caves here, atop, which the temple management has built a temple in his remembrance. The temple was built in 1963 and its architecture is similar to that of Somnath temple. This temple is first of its kind built in memory of Sadguru Nithyananda Bhagwan.

The walls of the temple flaunt the episode of ‘Dashavatharam’ and in the sanctum sanctorum adorns the life size ‘pancha loha’ statue of Sadguru. The idol weighs more than a tonne and was transported from Mumbai by ship and was installed at the temple. Prayers are performed at the temple thrice a day.

Though recognised as one of the most sought after spiritual centres, the temple and the cave have place for all. There is no crazy crowd or uncivilised tourists making your visit a nightmare. Visitors always have an opportunity to sit in the temple or in the caves as long as they want and have divine conversation with the Sadguru. All in all, the experience at the ashram can only be called ‘eternal bliss’.

Holy caves

The legend had it that Sadguru made these caves himself for his dwelling. Carved out of a single rock without any technical assistance, the caves stand as a splendid engineering marvel. There are 44 tunnels in the cave and devotees feel that the caves have been sanctified by Sadguru’s divine presence. The temple management is very strict with regard to public visit into the caves as the caves are now kept open only for meditations.

One more thing what can be a special delight for the devotees of Nithyananda Swamiji is the opportunity to have a look at Sadguru’s orginal photographs!

Sadguru’s life

Bhagwan Nithyananda was an ‘avadhooth’ of incredible yogic powers, say the devotees. One of the greatest yogis of the last century, Sadguru blessed solace and divine grace to people who came to him seeking peace.

Though there are debates over his birth and origin, it is believed that he was born near a place called Quilandy in Kerala in 1897. After being attracted towards spirituality at a tender age and after spending years performing meditation at Himalayas, he is believed to have travelled to places like Burma and Ceylone. He appeared at Kanhangad during early part of the last century. After establishing the ashram at Kanhangad, he moved on to Ganeshpuri in Mumbai in 1931.

He attained ‘Mahasamadhi’ in 1961 in Ganeshpuri. Kanhangad ashram, as per sources was close to Sadguru’s heart. In fond terms he used to refer to this ashram as ‘university of spirituality’. During his lifetime, Sadguru had predicted that one day in future, a great saint would live in the same cave and inspire birth of a golden era of ‘Sanathana Dharma’.

Rightly, this goes by the belief of his devotees that he still dwells in the caves blessing those coming here trying to break out of the pangs of life.

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