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As funny as it can get

Watch Dumb and Dumber on WB on September 13 at 9 pm.  The movie has been directed by Peter Farrelly and stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly and Teri Garr. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels star as two good-natured but incredibly stupid friends who drive across the United States to return a client’s briefcase in this comic blockbuster.

Life-saving techniques

National Geographic presents Fight Masters — Self Defense on September 13 at 10 pm. This is the fight science that is most likely to affect a real life perhaps even save a life. It is the science of self-defense.





From pages of history

Learn more about the assassination of Robert Kennedy and John F Kennedy as FOX History and Entertainment Channel presents Infamous Assassination at 10 pm on September 13.

By November 22, 1963, the date of his assassination, President John F Kennedy had made many enemies. He had declared war on the Mafia, racial prejudice and the industrial/military interest in Vietnam.

He had humiliated Khrushchev and Castro, who both wanted  revenge over the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even to this day, conjecture surrounds the ballistics evidence and whether two assassins were involved. And now, new film material from Washington has been released.

On June 6, 1968, hours after winning the Californian Democratic Primary election, Senator Robert Kennedy was shot and fatally wounded. The assassin was a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, Sirhan, who fired five shots before he was seized. However, Robert Kennedy had many enemies and more than one assassin may have been involved.

World of art

Watch LA Ink on September 13 at 8 pm on TLC. Kat and her core group of artists — Corey Miller, Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh have successfully thrashed the gender bias against female tattoo artists.

The posse at LA Ink has established their rock ‘n’ roll tattoo shop as one of the most sought-after tattoo parlours in LA and it is still full steam ahead for the troop. In this episode, Kat signs up for a big project outside the tattoo shop — redecorating Nikki’s recording studio, Funny Farm. Kim gives soap actor Kristoff St John a philosophical tattoo to remind him about staying strong while Corey gives margarita-loving soccer mom Kim a tattoo of a Southern belle gone bad.

Fascinating creatures

Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures airs on September 13 at 9 pm on Animal Planet. In this episode, Nick goes trapping for the fastest nose in natural history — the star-nosed mole, in the boreal forest of Manitoba, Canada.

The mole’s 22-tentacled nose enables it to find food at lightning speed — one reason that this mole has the energy to survive the freezing winters of the forests and marshes it inhabits. In an environment where eating-whatever-you-can is the key to survival, Nick has one eye on the monstrous mosquitoes as he watches out for bears.

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