Biking all the way....

Biking all the way....


Biking all the way....

Bikes and boys are inseparable. It’s more of a style statement and  boys think they command a sense of power and prestige when they get on to their bikes. 

Whenever a bunch of guys get together, the only conversation they have is about bikes and where they can ride to. You’d find guys going off on long rides. And they’re up-to-date with the latest information on bikes, its features, price and its availability in the market.   

The guys vouch that bikes have their own benefits. Even in the City, they say it’s best to move around in a bike rather than on a four-wheeler. One can worm one’s way through any  traffic jam. And you would find that most boys prefer travelling on a bike, if they can afford to. “Bikes are best suited for Bangalore traffic. One can move around quicker on a bike and reach on time," says Nelson, a student.

But the hike in petrol prices have miffed most bikers. It costs them much more than their pocket money, yet their passion for bikes knows no end. They continue to blow up all their money on bikes and petrol. “I travel a lot in the City on my bike. It saves a lot of time which one ends up spending while travelling in the public transport,” says Anil.

Manohar, another student says that bikes mean style. “My bike and I are inseparable. The price hike is a little steep but I wouldn’t give up using my bike whatever be the trouble. Thanks to the hike in petrol prices my allowance has been increased,” he says.     

High maintenance costs, rise in petrol prices...nothing matters to young men who are ever so passionate of about their bikes. They wouldn’t give up using them come what may.