Not a perfect party!

Not a perfect party!

Changing Views

Not a perfect party!

That was a long time ago when one’s birthday was the most important day of the year. But as you grow up, you realise that not everything can be perfect on this particular day. With time, people’s attitude towards birthdays changes and so does the circumstances.

Do people still believe birthdays are special and what do they like about the day?

Many people actually spend this day in the office,  attending college or alone in a new city.  Is the day special even then? “As you grow up, you don’t really get any gifts except from your really close friends. I feel one nice thing about the day is being wished by my friends and family,” says Ketan, a student.

For most people, birthday starts with midnight phone calls from friends and getting attention from every nook and corner. “Birthdays are special because you receive care and attention from your loved ones,” says Dayalan, a finance professional. Celebrations are not the headache of parents anymore.

And tables turn as you not only not get presents but also end up losing quite a bit of money.  “These days, birthdays mean enjoying the entire day with friends but the important thing is the amount of money you have to shell out to treat them,” says Sam, an IT professional. While most people believe it to be a special day and celebrate it in one way or the other, there are some who feel otherwise.

“There is nothing really special about this particular day. More often than not, you end up spending the day doing things that you would do on any other day,” says Swati, a marketing professional.

But this isn’t the popular opinion. “Some people do think of it as just another day in their life but according to me, it is a gift because you have another year to look forward to in life,” says Sam.

“I strongly believe that a birthday brings a person closer to his family and friends and enjoying the day gives me immense pleasure,” says Dayalan.

Birthdays, after all, is not just about one person but also about the people around him or her. “The day makes a huge difference only if you spend it with your friends or family,” says Sam.