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The groaning shelf

Pradeep Sebastian
Hachette India, 2010, pp 295, Rs 395

The delightful genre of books about books which looks at the book as physical object, as a crafted work of art where its bibliographical aspects —binding, typography, edition, condition, rarity—matter as much as the literary content inside, has seldom been explored in Indian writing. The romance of book collecting is explored in this book.

Venus crossing
Kalpana Swaminathan
Penguin, 2010, pp 244, Rs 275

This book crafts twelve stories about the deepest complexities of human relationships. These stories capture the instant of transit, that moment when the impossible—the unthinkable—is absorbed into the fabric of life so that life can be lived again.

Broom & groom
Kiran Bedi and Pavan Choudary
Wisdom Village Publication Division,
2010, pp 168, Rs 195

This book is an expression of both anguish and hope. Anguish over the inadequate civic sense in our society. It is a mirror for self-reflection and a behavioural compass which could improve community living and enhance our social acceptance globally.

The Fakir
Sunil Gangopadhyay translated by Monabi Mitra
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 186, Rs 199

This is the story of Lalan Fakir set in 19th  century Bengal. Fakir is a poet-philosopher born in a remote village brings religions together, binds people through his songs. As time passes, his songs become part of folklore, but the man himself remains shrouded in mystery. Its a touching prose which reflects the resonating voice of a man down the ages.

Inside Central Asia
Dilip Hiro
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 448, Rs 599

The former Soviet republics of Central Asia comprise a sprawling, politically pivotal and richly cultured world. For India, which has deep cultural and historical links with the region—Babur, incidentally, was from Central Asia—this is an intriguing, fascinating detailed portrait of a region which has throughout history, influenced and been influenced by India.

The chapel at the edge of the world
Kirsten McKenzi
Hachette India, 2010, pp 384, Rs 375

The enthralling story of this novel circles around Emilio and Rosa engaged to be married but war separates them. Emilio becomes a prisoner of war at the Orkney island where he is inspired to build the chapel. The chapel signifies human perseverance and resilience.


The book review of ‘The Last Victory’ by Timeri Murari published in the September 5, 2010 edition of Sunday Herald was written by TC Narayan, not MK Chandra Bose as published earlier. We regret the error.

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