Enjoying a good meal in mid-air

Enjoying a good meal in mid-air

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Enjoying a good meal in mid-air

Singapore Airlines recently took the media on a whirlwind tour of the process that goes in cooking, packing and serving specifically on flights. They gave the media an insight into how different in-flight catering is different from that of a restaurant.

The Singapore Airlines has put together an expert panel of chefs from across the world who create innovative delicacies for those who fly. The chefs put their expertise together to cater to different palate.

People from different countries have very strong preferences.  In addition to choosing their own menu, the chefs also encourage travellers to make their own salad. The various ingredients are placed before them and the traveller can choose what goes into their salad.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, also on the international panel, was brought in to brief the
media about the whole process. The event began with a meal presentation.

“It’s all about an enticing presentation. The food must look attractive to be appetising,” says Sanjeev. While flying mid-air, the senses change due to factors such as air pressure, low humidity levels and dry air.

In order to serve a high quality meal on an airplane, one has to overcome obstacles in terms of the in-flight temperature and in-flight pressure, he explains.  The breads are baked, vegetables are sanitised, washed and assorted, the meat is shredded, the food is cooked and packed at a factory located on the premises of the Bangalore International
Airport. There’s a great deal of research that has gone into gauging a traveller’s food preferences.

“Frequent flyers are willing to experiment and try out a variety of dishes but when they return home they prefer home-cooked food,” says Sanjeev. Sanjeev avers that passengers don’t want to be shocked and don’t like too many surprises when travelling.

“Taste is paramount. We make sure we mix in the local ingredients, whenever they are available. This delights the traveller,” says Sanjeev.   

On long-haul flights, an array of savoury and sweet items including biscuits, instant noodles, soup or fresh fruit, are available as a snack at anytime. There are also a wide range of bread rolls such as ciabatta, focaccia, sesame seed kaiser rolls and kalamata olive bread and four flavours of extra virgin olive oil.

Coffee is sourced from Brazil Santos Bourbon, Colombian Supremo, Kenyan AA Kilimanjaro and Jamaican Blue Mountain. An assortment of snacks like savoury buns/sandwiches and a selection of savoury and sweet items such as fresh fruit, biscuits, fruit bars, chocolate bars or muesli bars are served  too.  The book ‘Above and Beyond’, containing recipes of all the chefs on the panel was also launched on the occasion.  

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