On a different high

On a different high

Fresh Voices

On a different high

The stage was set for the first quarter finals of Voice of Bangalore (VoB) Season Four at Garuda Mall recently.

And the 10 contestants, who made it to this stage, were full of energy and ready to charge the evening.  For many, this was the first time that they were setting foot on such a big stage and they were nervous.

Krishna, one of the participants who sang E Ajnabi from the movie Dil Se, said “ever since the conception of this competition, I was eager to take part in it. I feel the  competition as a whole provides a really good platform and is an exposure for many budding singers like us. Of course, we are all nervous before heading to sing in front of the crowd. That’s why I have chosen a song I really like to feel more confident.”

Even before the show started, there was a huge turnout to watch it.  One even saw actress Tara and her husband Venu present there to support fresh talent.  The excited contestants were more than happy to sing in front of the duo.

“We are also nervous of the judges,” added Puroshotham who performed Yaaro Kannalli.
The fact that the judges were music director Veer Sampath and playback singers Badriprasad and Anuradha Bhatt only increased the pressure of the competition.

Incidentally, it was Veer’s birthday and the VoB team made sure that they had
some celebration for the music director.  Be it Sneha Ravindran’s energetic Maiyya Maiyya, Sujata Dev’s Namak Ishqka, Nagendra’s soulful rendition of Manase or Apoorva’s Baanalli Neeninde, the competition went on with many talented singers giving their very best.

While the contestants had finals in their minds, many said that the key to success was to take each stage as it came. “More than a competition, VoB has been a big learning experience. Winning is on the cards but for now, I am taking each stage as it comes,” said Shashikala, who sang, Nagisalu Neenu.

So what comes after the competition? “The canvas is huge but I hope to get a break into playback singing,” added Purushotam.

While the second quarter finals will take place on September 17, the finals will see three boys and three girls fight it out for the title on October 10, where they will be judged by Udit Narayan, Guru Kiran and Rajesh Krishnan.