Severe scarcity of drinking water grips village

Severe scarcity of drinking water grips village

Water table depleted; borewells go defunct in Chamarajanagar district

Severe scarcity of drinking water grips village

Residents of Kaggala village of Chamarajanagar district collecting drinking water from mini water supply tank. dh photoBorewells sunk long before have become defunct now. The available water source is not enough to meet the demand of local population.  The village which comes under Gundlupet taluk has a population of over 1,500.

It is a common scene to see women making a beeline to fetch water in front of the water tanks supplying water.

A borewell has been sunk 1.5 km away from the village to solve water woes. Another borewell has been dug at the place, but there was no sufficient water available.

The Zilla Panchayat had spent Rs 7 lakh for the purpose and it has not been able to quench the thirst of people. A water tank constructed on the main road leading to Gundlupet, did not have a lid. Adding to the woes, the gram panchayat has not taken any steps to clean the tank.

The environment around the tank is sure to get polluted with the possible outbreak of the epidemics.

During the tenure of Nazir Saab who was popularly known as ‘Neeru Saab’, the programme was launched to install hand pumps to solve water crisis. Now only four hand pumps are seen, out of which only one is in working condition. Other hand pumps are now used to tether cattle. The water woes has been brought to the notice of taluk and Zilla panchayat and also explained to the elected representatives of the taluk.

But no steps has been taken to solve the issue, claim the villagers.The village is also facing lack of basic amenities. The netas are not addressing these problems.

The depletion of water table is said to be the main reason for the persisting water problem in the region.

While drinking water problem is rising with every day, the farmers are worried over failure of borewells. The local administration should at least wake up now and provide drinking water immediately, otherwise a rasta roko will be staged, warned Srinivas of the village.