With stars in their eyes

With stars in their eyes

Crossing Fingers

With stars in their eyes

Huddled in a room, the students of St Joseph’s College of Commerce eagerly waited to greet the stars of the Mysore Maharaajas team, Chethan Williams and Sudhir Rao.

On one side, the students were excited at the thought of meeting the celebrities and on the other, it was a homecoming of sorts for the cricketers, who had been a part of the institution during their college days. Chethan, who is the captain of the Mysore Maharaajas team in the KPL, recollects his college days and how lucky the present generation is to be here.

“When we were in college, we didn’t have half the facilities that the students these days have. I remember we had one big field and no nets to practice in. But no doubt we had our own share of fun breaking the glass windows of the neighbouring shops. However, one thing that has not changed since then is the support the staff provides to the students interested in sports,” he adds.

Apart from reminiscing the good old days of college, Sudhir says another reason why they came back to college was to gain support. “There is a whole new feeling when our college comes out and supports us while we play. Last year did not go well enough and we will need the support of the students to go a long way in the game this year,” he says.           

For Joshua, a final year student who also plays for the college cricket team, such interactions are very exciting as they get to share some footnotes on the game. “Being young players, our aim is to get where they are right now. And getting to know them on a personal level only helps us understand how it feels to be representing the State,” he adds.

While the cricketers showed a few tricks of the trade to the students, the Josephites too didn’t back down and tried to outdo the cricketers while bowling for them on the field. “We had always heard of them from our seniors and lecturers but had never met them. It was great meeting them and getting to know them on a personal level. But when it comes to the game, we too are eager to show a few things we have learnt and get a feedback from them. After all, the entire college is watching us play,” laughs Ashwin, another final year student.