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Challenge at its peak

It’s man vs machine! Feel your heart pounding as the fiercest finale ever of Stunt Mania Reloaded gives you the greatest adrenaline rush. Watch out for the war of wars between the two finalists — Babar and Shariq, where they have to battle against the furious forces of nature. Watch to see who will survive the earth-shaking Leap Of Faith from a burning ramp into the depths of the sea.

Catch the two finalists go down from the top of a barge onto a lower deck where they find their bikes ready. Then they need to cross pontoons that are showered with water cannons and blasts while they hit the final ramp which is approximately 25 feet high and jump in to the sea with their bikes! From here begins their final lap of swimming towards the ladder which is lowered by a chopper. The first contestant to hold Allan Amin’s hand wins Stunt Mania — Season 2!

Who will make it through and rise as the king of the stunt world? Who will have to turn away from their only desire and accept ultimate defeat? Tune in to this finale episode filled with extreme energy, daring determination and pure passion on September 17 at 7 pm on


Another ‘Khan’ in the making?

Abbas Khan aka Biji Pandey from SAB’s popular show Lapataganj is a prince charming in real life. He hails from Lucknow and belongs to the royal family of Nizams who ruled our nation for a long time.

His family tree goes back to the 12th century, during the time of Jesus Christ. His great grandfather is Maharaja Sir Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan and his grandfather is Maharaj Kumar Mohammad.

And now his father Rajkumar Mohammad Amir Naqi Khan carries on the legacy of the Nizams by doing his bit in by providing education to those for whom education is inaccessible.

So what is this royal descendent belonging to such a prestigious family doing in our television industry? “Entertaining,” he smiles.

“My forefathers ruled the nation, I want to rule the industry. I love what I am doing and I always felt I was meant for this industry.”

He further says, “In films, we usually tend to remember the famous dialogues vented out by our famous stars. It’s very rare that a television artist is remembered for his dialogue delivery, and here I am very fortunate that my audience has made my lines very popular. With gratitude, I would say Lapataganj is my first step towards success and I have a long way to go.”

Indulge in some belly dance

Watch Shimmy on September 17 at 9.30 pm on TLC. For thousands of years, women have maintained their beauty and explored their sensuality with the ancient practice of belly dance. This series, Shimmy, designed by Kim Pechet, a belly dance instructor and fitness professional, brings the secrets of this exotic practice to viewers all over the world.

Premiering on September 17, Shimmy is a twenty six episode special that integrates 43 essential belly dance steps to help viewers experience the sensuality and health benefits of belly dance.

Each episode of Shimmy begins with a relaxing warm-up in calming, lush surroundings that increase flexibility and prepares audience for the more vigorous movements to come. The episodes are divided into two segments — teaching and performance segments — to facilitate learning and execution of the dance steps.

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