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Last Updated 16 September 2010, 12:30 IST

Commuters travelling on Bangalore’s roads face many hurdles as they negotiate bumper-to-bumper traffic on everyday basis. Narrow, pot-holed roads, with no scope for widening, are a nightmare for the road users. So, when the City’s first citizen, Mayor S K Nataraj, announced 50 new flyovers for the City, only one thought crossed every Bangalorean’s mind: ‘Where is the place to construct them?’

While the Mayor’s big talk is still to get concrete approval, Metrolife asked a few people whether they feel the City requires 50 flyovers? While many said that flyovers aren’t necessary at all; there were others who felt that they may just help.

“The traffic in and around the City is getting really bad. I feel more flyovers may help solve the traffic problem,” says Suraj, a professional. Agrees Suman, a student, “More flyovers are needed at least on the outskirts of the City as the traffic is very heavy and  flyovers can make a difference by easing and diverting the flow.”

Many also feel that commuting is going to get worst, if construction work on so many flyovers actually start.  “Like in case of earlier projects, it will be hell to commute when the work on these flyovers begin. I think the Mayor should look into more important things like tarring the existing roads,” adds Ajay, a student.

Chitra, another student, feels that aspects like public hygiene, expediting Metro Rail construction, and laying of proper footpath and skywalks should be given priority. “For pedestrians, there are hardly any good footpath or skywalk to use. The Mayor should first look into all these aspects before thinking of flyovers,” she adds.  

Gururaj, another professional, suggests that flyovers may give the City a tag of developed city but there are other measures that can be taken like ensuring better railway system.

“The outskirts of the City like Whitefield, Devanahalli and Nelamangala are developing very fast. If we have an efficient rail system, people will reach their destination in no time. I think most people will want to take the trains than use the road,” he adds.

Agrees Divya, who has been brought up in the City. Over the last 15 years she has seen many drastic changes in the City and feels that 50 more flyovers will only destroy the leftover greenery in the City.

“I don’t think I can call the City, the garden city, any more. There are hardly any trees and with more flyovers, whatever is left will go. I truly believe that things can improve with better traffic management than construction,” she says.

(Published 16 September 2010, 12:30 IST)

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