No repairs since one year

No repairs since one year

No repairs since one year

Rainwater collected in a pothole near Lakshmipuram School on JLB Road.

The best example for this has been a stretch of road from RTO Circle up to Vedanta Hemmige Circle (popularly known as Ganesha Talkies Road) that passes just in front of Lakshmipuram Police Station.

This road was dug a good one year ago to lay the water pipeline under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) scheme. The work was suspended for some days during Dasara festival. However, the works resumed subsequently and were completed long ago. But, this road has not been asphalted till today.

 It is one of the main road that connects Nanjangud Road from Railway Station and thousands of vehicles pass through this road. Besides, a number of educational institutions, government offices and other private offices are located on this road.
There were dozens of potholes on this stretch of road and traffic police have placed metal barricades to prevent two wheeler riders from falling into this big hole.

The question here is why the MCC authorities are not bothered about asphalting this road if the works are completed. The potholes are not visible during nights.

Drivers have to go either to extreme left or extreme right to avoid craters. Even residents have not bothered to protest against inordinate delay by the authorities to get the road into shape. Adding to citizens’ woes traffic cops have diverted city buses to this road. In the name of laying pipeline, the entire road has been dissected beyond recognition.
Recently, MCC Commissioner K S Raykar had told Deccan Herald that Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) had taken permission from the corporation to lay the pipeline for augmentation of drinking water and officials concerned would be instructed to asphalt the road. The VVWW is yet to instruct the contractor concerned to repair and asphalt the road again. With Dasara round the corner, will the MCC authorities repair this stretch of road?, is a million dollar question.

The condition of this particular road has been highlighted by newspapers but no senior officer has bothered to visit the spot let alone whipping the department concerned to carry out repair works.

If this is the condition of a main road in the city imagine the plight of roads in extension areas.