Roads that can land you in hospital!

Roads that can land you in hospital!

Roads that can land you in hospital!

Pothole ridden road near Vishveshwaraiah Circle. Deccan Herald takes a look at the roads from Abdul Kalam Azad Circle (earlier known as Highway Circle) to Vishveshwaraiah Circle (also known as K R Hospital Circle). This stretch of the road houses major institutions such as the Government Ayurveda Medical College (GAMC), Bamboo Bazaar, School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind and is the connecting road to the heart of the city for the residents of several areas including Tilak Nagar, Bannimantap, Hanumanth Nagar.

Furthermore, this road forms jamboo savari route.

To start with, Abdul Kalam Circle is in total disarray. The roads around the circle have been dug up for laying cables. However, no action has been taken to asphalt the roads later. Asphalted portions all along the road leading to School for Deaf, Dumb and Blind has been eroded.

The potholes are filled everytime it rains, making it difficult for riders to locate the safe path through which they can take their vehicles. Even pedestrians get their share of stagnant rain water on their clothes.

The stretch from School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the Subash Chandra Bose Circle (also known as Old RMC circle) connects areas such as Yadavgiri and Tilak Nagar to the city. However, there has been no attempt to undertake any type of work to repair the roads.

The old RMC circle is a major junction connecting the important locations such as the city Railway Station, Holdsworth Memorial Mission Hospital and K R Hospital. All roads leading from this circle are in total pathetic condition.

As you head towards K R Hospital Circle, private buses are seen swarming all over you to add to your woes. While one eye tries to catch the potholes, the other tries to avoid getting bumped over by the private buses. Finally when you are just about to reach K R Hospital Circle, a huge pothole gives way right in front of GAMC.

The only advantage of the whole ride is that you have two hospitals nearby! Getting admitted won’t be a choice you can make unless the roads are repaired as soon as possible.