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Inflation and DA hike

This refers to the editorial ‘Calculated risk’ (18th Sep 2010). To stimulate economy, the government has perhaps rightly persisted with a liberal monetary regime. It has also not lagged behind showing a feigned concern over the resultant inflation.

Beyond revisiting key rates, and routine promises of containing a runaway inflation every other month, it has little clue. But what it has done readily is to increase the DA to its employees.

An annual pay out of Rs 9000 crore that is funded out of tax money, will instantly impact the food inflation as consumption goes up.

As a sop to pacify others, the EPF rates are raised by 1%. This is owing to a cache of Rs 2000 crore found within the PF chest itself, and not from the treasury.  Amounts reckoned on the enhanced EPF rate is no ready payout but only go back into the chest for future benefits. This itself is ironic, as the high ongoing inflation trend can but negatively impact them on maturity.

In effect, the government which has neither managed the fiscal balance nor inflation does not think twice before compensating its own employees for poor performance.


Hope wiser counsel prevails

This refers to ‘High court refuses to defer Ayodhya verdict’ (Sep 18).The demolition of Babri Masjid has virtually divided the country into two camps on religious lines.

The special bench has rightly rejected the PIL to defer the verdict and the stage is now set for the historic judgment to be delivered on 24th September. The need of the hour is to see that the influential party leaders on either side do not provoke emotions.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana
re 570009

Set back

The by poll results in the State is a great set back for the Congress party as it was hoping that with the success of 'pada yatra' it would be able to stage a comeback. The party’s hopes were dashed as it has drawn a blank in both the places where it contested with its top leaders. The party need to come up with pro-people policies, programmes to revive its lost glory. 



This refers to ‘Interpreting Koran: every scripture has good and bad parts’(DH Sept 17). There is subjectivity in the interpretation of scriptures.  In Hinduism also interpretations of smritis and shrutis have led to unsavoury incidents, practices and atrocities. For example, chatur varnas mentioned in Purusha sukta and the Gita is misused for justifying discimination against different castes. Manusmrithi's sloka on women was interpreted to accord them a lower status in the society. Scriptures and holy books are like a double edged sword.


Eroding credibility

Judges whether of High Courts or the Suprme Court should be above suspicion. Unfortunately many of them are not. Mr.Shanti Bhooshan’s allegation that 8 out of the 16 former CJI's were corrupt is quite shocking. He can be believed as many former CJI's themselves had admitted to corruption in judiciary. There should be a thorough probe into the serious charges of corruption and the guilty should be punished. All are equal before law, be it judges or common man.


Act tough on Kashmir separatists

This refers to ‘5 killed in Quran protests in Jammu’ (Sep16, 2010).

The agitating public in Jammu and Kashmir are in need of some excuse to indulge in arson and violence, which is resulting in destruction of public property in the state. This compels the security personnel to react and retaliate, resulting in the death of protestors. Now the violence was enacted because the holy Quran was burnt in the US.

How does the mob justify in retaliating to an act done in the US, by indulging in mindless violence in India? This is merely a façade to make agitation more destructive by the separatists in the region.

The government must act tough, without giving in to the diabolic demands of separatists who are waging a struggle on behalf of their Pakistani handlers. Any lenience will only help embolden other separatist forces like Maoists and Naxals, operating in different states of the country.

KV Raghuram

Cong, JDs should be united 

This refers to the by-polls results and the resignation of the opposition leader Siddaramiah (DH Sep 17).

If we just analyse the results, it is very clear that if Congres and JD (S) join hands it would be a tough fight for the BJP.

It is high time for Congress and JD (S) to come together and fight against the most corrupt government so far, both on the floor of the assembly and on the streets.

Dakshina Murthy

Reform economic policies

RBI has hiked its key rates like repo rate and reverse repo rate to control the ever spiraling inflation. But on the other hand the government has hiked the central government employees’ dearness allowance by 10% with effect from July 1.

Consequently, all the state government employees will also ask for an equivalent hike. Will this not cause further hike in inflation? Aam-aadmi is already facing unbearably with the daily sky-rocketing prices of the essential commodities since the past more than one year.

On the other hand there is one percent hike in interest on the PF accumulations, but shockingly there is no increase in the interest rate on the MIS in the Post Offices where crores of small rural and urban investors have invested their hard earned money.

The rate on this scheme should also be hiked to 9% and the bonus should be paid at 10% on maturity of the same without deduction of any tax. This change should be introduced with immediate effect, with retrospective effect from July 1, 2010.
Hansraj Bhat
Mumbai 400092

Ayodhya verdict

This refers to ’HC explores negotiated settlement on Ayodhya before verdict’ (DH. Sep 15).

Since both the parties have rigidly stood their ground a consensus or ’out -of - court settlement might be out of reach. The suits filed by many to defer the judgment look motivated and reasons cited are flimsy. The vexed temple tangle, kept in limbo for six decades has already led to bitterness, mistrust and divide between the two communities. Any further delay may lead to consternation.

Hence the earlier the HC pronounces its verdict, the better for the communal amity.

A Seshagiri Rao

Suvarna Soudha costs double in 14 months

When the mega scam of CWG at the national capital is slowly dying down, we hear another shocking news of Suvarna Soudha (DH Sep 15) about doubling of project cost in 14 months.

One has to laugh at the PWD (popularly called Public waste department) executive engineers justification that the original detailed project report did not include many things that are now doubling the original project cost. Then do they make detail project reports before starting work.

This gives an impression that almost all government projects are scam ridden and that there is no agency in our country to look into this.

Banashankari ,
- 85

Wrong precedent

This refers to ‘Delhi HC against expelling of student for ragging’ (DH, Sept 13). Such decisions by court would only allow ragging go unabated. It would also deter teachers and administrators who dare to take tough action against ragging. And freshers would keep suffering mental and physical tortures like the accused in police custody.

S N Agrawal


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