No time to stand and stare

No time to stand and stare

No time to stand and stare

Almost everybody lives in a state of frenzied productiveness. We have 101 things to do. Our minds swirl with thoughts: ‘E-mail the price list to Chitra’; ‘Check if the telephone bill is due next week’; ‘Get ready for dinner at the Raos tonight’; ‘Don’t forget the PTA tomorrow morning’ etc.”

  When we give undue importance to ‘doing’ over ‘being’, our mind crackles with the annoying do-er’s buzz. This buzz makes us feel self-important. So, we snap at people for coming in our way. Can’t they see how busy we are?! We chafe, quite unaware of how arrogant we sound and how stressed out we are.

 This happens when the do-er takes over you, the being. For a productive life, it should be the other way around: from the being comes the doing. As the wise say, ‘Where the attention goes, the spiritual energy of liberating love flows’.

When you use your mind in this new way, you live from the depths of your being, not in the shallow waters of doing. Where does the ocean create a pearl? Not in its shallow waters, but in its silent, still and creative depths. Just as the ocean’s shallow waters are exposed to nature’s wild elements, so are we exposed to superficial influences when we function on auto mode. We seek approval, appreciation, validation from others. We get upset, sad and angry at the doings of others.  

It was a wise man who said, “Know that your being is always there — sound, unshaken, strong — and a great calm is sure to engulf you. Awaken to it”.
Once you know you are this ever-alive presence, you can step back into its sublime essence of peace and refuge at any time, in any situation — in pain, grief, despair, loneliness. This is the practice of surrender that spiritual leaders advise. You don’t give up, you surrender to your larger self — a divine intelligence, where all answers, solutions and healings are worked out for you.

So, relax, discard all doubts and fears and say with conviction, “Let the being’s bliss, will, knowledge and wisdom fill me and work through me.”
This isn’t a miracle. It’s like the story of a man who was blindfolded from birth. He walked around believing that the darkness he lived in was life. One day, a curious little boy asked him why he was wearing the blindfold. The man was mystified. What was the boy talking about? So, the little boy unknotted the blindfold. As the sun’s radiance flooded his eyes, the man danced around joyously crying, “It’s a miracle!”  When we synthesise our greater presence with life, our mental blindfold dissolves and we see everything with eyes made new by spiritual knowledge.

  How often have we heard the phrase: be yourself? Drop your mask, be comfortable, relax. Live from your true spiritual essence. Shift your focus to ‘being’. Then, your ‘doing’ becomes an offering, an art because your focus is not on its fruits. You will come to enjoy all the things that you do, letting the light shine from within outward. External influences won’t create obstacles in your way, but your influence will reach out and touch people, enabling them to find their own healing power. These are the pearls that you create. Stress shrinks and vanishes. This is the magic of ‘being’.    
The writers are authors of the book ‘Fitness for Life’ and teachers of the ‘Fitness for Life’ programme.