A musically filled evening

Soothing Melodies

Drumming It Up: Karthik Mani

Fete de la Musique, the World Music Day celebrations at the Alliance Francaise came to a grand end last weekend with many talented acts like Plunge and Lounge Piranha taking the stage. Another such act that performed at the celebrations was Moon Arra, the Bangalore-based fusion and jazz band. Comprising guitarist-composer Jagadeesh and his wife, vocalist Madhuri along with guitarist Prakash Sontakke, percussionist Karthik Mani and bassist Kenneth Wilson, the band’s performance was a treat for all the music-lovers. Perfect for a warm, Sunday evening, their beautiful melodies proved to be a great hit with the audience.

The best aspect of the performance was that it had something for all. Madhuri’s husky vocals gave a jazz touch to the songs, while the slide guitar played by Prakash lent a classical Carnatic feel. Karthik Mani’s percussions made the tunes all the more upbeat, along with excellent strumming by Kenneth and Jagadeesh. The band performed its popular numbers like Leela and Music for Crocodile.

The five also presented a unique cover of Caravan by Duke Ellington and concluded the evening with Eastern Sunrise and Heartsky, both being beautiful instrumentals.

However, the five merely played for 45 minutes, leaving everyone longing for more. “We love our music and hope you love it too,” said Madhuri to the listeners.

This was the second time the band performed at World Music Day celebrations at Alliance Francaise. “We had performed once five years ago, when we were just getting together,” Madhuri told Metrolife, while Prakash has been playing at these celebrations for the past five years. “It always feels good to perform here,” he said. “It’s nice to see the audience show a genuine interest in our music,” added Madhuri. The other band members also seemed extremely happy after the show and thanked most people personally for having made it for the concert.

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