Computer wars

Computer wars


Computer wars

Being a dedicated writer, she agreed wholeheartedly, eyeing her computer fondly. To her it was not an instrument, but an intimate friend, a confidant who could take in all her frustrations — emotions, and immortalise them in no time.

She hated to be disturbed while in the midst of any important assignment. Her husband, poor man, dared not disturb her . Deliberately she had not taught him even the basics of computer, and handled all the emails herself, as such, where was the necessity? Well, hadn’t she generously donated the TV to him, enabling him to view all the cricket matches, skip all the serials and hear the news of world?

But suddenly, the harmony of the house was rent apart! The daughter arrived all of a sudden and took over the computer completely! No formalities like “excuse me amma,” or even a “Please amma. . . . . . .”

“Like all mothers I used to look forward to my daughter’s visit and enjoy her stay, but not that time ; There she was, smartly trying to run her household abroad through my skype, email, magic jack, what not, while  my urgent work lay unattended, ” my friend lamented.
Naturally, a battle of words ensued, each holding on to her priorities, when suddenly the tense situation took a dramatic turn as the granddaughter walked in with a huge bundle of papers and sat plump before the poor computer without any ceremony whatsoever.

She was an upcoming writer you see, and the grandmother had to keep mum. The husband, who had been a silent spectator till then, hurried to present a laptop to his pet granddaughter, more to keep her out of the fray.

Just then, the computer which had also been a mute onlooker so far, went kaput without warning, swallowing up all painstakingly written scripts like a Bakasura, while everyone watched with horror, the strenuous work of months going down the drain!
There was a sudden, sharp silence as if a loved beloved friend had passed away. Or maybe, technology is a Bakasura indeed that swallows companionable silences and creates rifts where there was the glue of love.