Paris Hilton slammed for skin show in conservative Dubai

Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress who is in the city for the Asian leg of her reality show 'My New Best Friend Forever' had been forewarned by the producers of the show to abstain from her trademark revealing outfits, but Hilton did not heed their advice, reported Mirror online.

"Paris had made a big public speech, saying how much she loved the Middle East and respected its culture. But the following day she was prancing around on the beach in her bikini and posing provocatively," said a source in the production team.

Saudi Arabia is a conservative country and Hilton was told that Western tourists had been jailed for breaking the society's code of conduct.
The socialite raised many eyebrows with her behaviour and the producers have given her an ultimatum banning her from creating any further controversy.

Meanwhile, Hilton was very disturbed after her security personnel found hidden recording equipment during a routine check of her Dubai hotel room. reports that the socialite is in the Arab nation for her reality show "My New Best Friend Forever".

But the star's trip turned sour after her bodyguards discovered she could have been filmed throughout her stay at an exclusive Dubai resort when they stumbled across a secret video transmitter.

"It was some sort of transmitter by all accounts. We're not sure what the device picked up or whom it was transmitting to. But it did leave Paris very jittery. Everyone she has come into contact with during her stay in Dubai has been gracious. We've been told there are some quarters where there is anti-American feeling," a source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper.

"Paris' security has been increased and hotel staff are investigating how the device came to be in her room," added the source

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