Vibrant culture of the desert

Puppet Show

Play Time: Kathering Rustumji, CEO, Kara, looks on.

In rural Rajasthan, puppet shows are organised to ward off evil spirits and to bring rain and prosperity in the lives of villagers.

In ancient times, puppetry was the only form of entertainment and amusement in Rajasthan.

The puppets are manipulated with the help of many strings, thus the strings are looped into the hands and fingers of puppeteers.

These stunning puppets lie lifeless on the stage until the strings are pulled by the puppeteer and the puppet suddenly comes to life.

Kara4Kids recently organised an interactive entertainment extravaganza for kids with live Rajasthani puppets called Kara Kathputli Karnival’ at Crosswords on Residency Road.

The colourful extravaganza, based on a story-based learning initiative from Rajasthan, included music, dance and storytelling, but the prime attractions were theme-based activities that included Make your own costume, Make your own puppet and Make your own drama.

The two-hour integrated thematic event involved a live puppet show for the kids with an integrated learning objective.

Innovation and learning have always been Kara’s key strengths and focus since its inception, as demonstrated at today’s event.

The children were given a chance to experiment with the Rajasthani costume and creative puppets.

There were separate sessions on drama and dance which were taught to kids during their regular classes.

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