'The serious tag is uncomfortable'


Three’s Company: Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh with director Kabir Khan. Ground Zero of 9/11 is an inexhaustible resource of stories. Kabir Khan’s New York too sprouts out of this cauldron of 21st century's challenge to humankind that mindless terrorism is. With all its twists and turns, New York promises to tug at one's heart and ensure that everyone stays connected with its roller-coaster ride through a range of emotions.

New York is a realistic story about three young friends whose lives change rather dramatically after 9/11. “If we see the big tragedy as our own, only then can we stay connected with our fellow men and experience their emotions. The world has become a victim of prejudices and it is unfortunate that some people wear their prejudice on their sleeve,” Kabir says.

He adds, “It is fear that sows the seeds for such prejudice. There are myths that get floated around and most times these myths don’t have any logic. Sometimes some people grow up with these prejudices that assume apocalyptic proportions after a point.”

Kabir Khan’s films, like Kabul Express, always come with a social and political message. “I don’t like either watching or working on a film that has no context because a theme and a context make life so much simpler for me. It’s much easier to direct a character when you know the context you have to mould it into,” he says.

Kabir hates to be called a serious film-maker and says he’d rather be called a realistic film-maker. “The serious tag sounds a bit uncomfortable. A bit odd and too serious for this field,” says Kabir.

He admits it would sound pompous if he said that all his films came with a message. “It is for the people to get under the skin and give their own colour, meaning and interpretations to it.”

Kabir chose John Abraham, Neil and Katrina to play New York’s three characters based on their physicality and persona. “They fit into the character perfectly well. John is more macho and friendly especially with women, Neil is a shy guy and the vulnerable kind. Just what I wanted. Katrina plays this gorgeous NRI woman whom nobody can resist loving,” says Kabir.

Kabir says that he will never shoot in an artificial setting or on the sets because, “I think my background in documentary has triggered my inherent problem with sets. I always make it a conscious attempt to shoot at real locations. As long as I am physically strong and can travel places I will shoot in realistic locations,’’ he signs off.

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