Will city be able to handle Dasara rush?

Will city be able to handle Dasara rush?

Parking woes: Little efforts done to create proper facilities

Will city be able to handle Dasara rush?

The biggest challenge for the traffic police on the day was ensuring parking space for the vehicles. The police were on their toes throughout the day to manage the traffic which literally moved bumper-to-bumper. As if that wasn’t enough, they also had to show the vehicles of tourists a space for parking vehicles near tourist centres.

The case reiterates the fact that the city is totally illequipped to manage the parking chaos. When the localites themselves struggle to find a space in the heart of town on any given normal day, the plight of tourists during the peak tourism season is simply unimaginable.

That is exactly what happened on Sept 12. The parking space in the neighbourhood of the north and south gate of palace was full to the capacity. Police diverted additional vehicles to nearby football grounds. The grounds also saw little space to park vehicles as visitors to zoo also parked their vehicles there.

Finally, the open space in the palace premises near Karikal thotti gate was opened for the tourist vehicles. All these steps brought less respite to end parking woes.
The roads and residential areas in front of the Zoo were worst hit with buses, four wheelers and tempos parked everywhere - on the main roads and along the bylanes.
Officials sources told Deccan Herald that 30,147 people visited  and the zoo gate collection crossed Rs nine lakh on a single day on Sept 12. It is an all time high in the history of the zoo. The last highest gate collection record was Rs 8.36 lakh on Vijayadashami last year.

There were more four wheeler (cars) which brought tourists than ever before. Earlier, visitors, particularly tourists from Kerala came in buses. Now, the trend has changed. There are more number of cars crossing the border resulting in traffic and parking congestion, an official said.

With the last weekend ushering a good sign for tourism sector, forthcoming dasara festivities are expected to beckon more tourists than before.
The lack of parking space and little infrastructure towards providing for the same would be a big headache for authorities during the nine-day festivities and on the grand finale of the Dasara festival, the Vijayadashami day.
It is high time that the police had its plans in place to streamline the parking system in city.
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