Wordy duel mar CMC meet in Hassan

Wordy duel mar CMC meet in Hassan

Extension of contract triggers heated argument between members

Wordy duel mar CMC meet in Hassan

This issue was discussed at the meeting for more than three hours against the agenda of 28 issues by neglecting other important issues.
However, the members postponed the meeting to next Monday as no members were willing to sit in the meeting hall. 

As soon as the meeting began, Congress elected member Yashwanth raised this issue stating a lot of irregularities had taken place while extending the contract relating to cleaning works.

He accused that predecessor of incumbent president Rangaswamy was allegedly involved in corruption while extending the contract of cleaning works for another two months for the year 2010-11.

“In the last general body meeting, this issue was discussed and a resolution was passed by CMC recommending Deputy Commissioner Naveen Raj Singh to initiate action upon the person who was involved in these works.

Interestingly, this resolution copy is yet to reach the Deputy Commissioner’s Office till date. As per the guidelines from the Government, the resolution copy must be sent to Deputy Commissioner within a week, but the concerned officials of CMC have failed to send this across, raising doubts about their role in this, he said.
He demanded the CMC President Rangaswamy to probe the allegations of corruption in extending this contract.

Another member and former CMC Vice-President C R Shankar alleged that CMC commissioner Shivananjegowda was also equally responsible in extending contract works without discussing it in general body meeting.
“The CMC Commissioner has taken unilateral decision on important issues without even discussing with elected members of CMC and clearing all the files at his home without doing office”  he added.

Shankar told that Rs seven lakh has been paying from CMC every month for  cleaning works in all wards. The members also criticised that health department officials of CMC had not taken up fogging works to prevent mosquitoes in all wards.
Cutting across party lines, many of the councillors came down heavily on commissioner Shivananjegowda for his negligent attitude.
Responding to allegations against him, Shivanjegowda denied his role in extending contract works.

The councillors also demanded the CMC Commissioner to blacklist the contractors for not completing the works taken up under various State and Central Government in many wards and to withhold the payment till the pending works from many years are completed.
Though MLA H S Prakash and MLC Patel Shivaram  made efforts to pacify the agitated members and appealed them to continue with the meeting, it ended abruptly as many of council members left out of meeting hall.
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