Better safe than sorry


Better safe than sorry

The actor, during an interview to a Pakistani channel, said that the “26/11 attacks were hyped because the elite was targeted.” He further said that, “Pakistan is not involved in the 26/11 attacks. It’s a terror attack and Indian intelligence had failed.”

This statement evoked a strong reaction and Salman had to face an agitated crowd back home. He then made a public apology and got away with everything. Metrolife asked a few youngsters whether stars should be more careful while making statements about any issue or do they have a right to voice their opinions? We got a mixed reaction for sure but a majority did feel that stars like Salman should be more careful while giving out their opinions.


“It’s only natural for stars to have an opinion about everything under the sun. But being a public figure, one expects them to have a sensible opinion. It’s so typical of Salman to say something like this. After all, he has been in many controversies before as well and he gets away with just an apology. Being an actor, one would expect to him to be a little sensitive and think before he speaks, especially when the entire country is watching him.”


“General public gets easily influenced by what celebrities do or say. And a mass hero like Salman Khan has the power to change the way people think. I personally feel Salman should keep his ideas to himself, his comments on the 26/11 terror attacks were insensitive and a mere apology after saying what he said is not enough. Henceforth, Salman should do what he does best, that is acting.”


“Salman Khan is a star in everyone’s eyes and being a public figure, he should have been more careful on what he says or does in public. Image is everything for stars and their persona directly or indirectly affects the society as many look up to them for inspiration.
Had he given those statements to an Indian channel, it would have been alright to an extent. The fact that he said it on a Pakistani channel sure proves his immaturity as an actor and as an individual.”


“Every individual has a right to his or her opinion and Salman Khan is no different. But considering the country does have issues with Pakistan, he should have been a little more careful and thought a bit before he had spoken. He is considered as an icon by many and his recent movie, Dabangg, also has done very well at the box office. Salman should have thought of all these things before getting into such a big soup.”


“There was nothing wrong in what Salman Khan said. If the attacks were targeted only at the slums, there wouldn’t have been so much media hype. Every individual has a right to his or her opinion. After all, Salman Khan is only a human, he is no god. We should start treating him like one of us. I feel he has a right to his opinion like all of us and there was no need to make an issue about this at all. He said what he felt and should not have been forced to apologise.”

As told to Megha Shenoy

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