'I believe in every film I do'

'I believe in every film I do'


'I believe in every film I do'

Clarifying: Chetan

Sharat allegedly accused Chetan of unnecessary interference during the making of the movie. It is said that financial constraints forced the director to point an accusing finger at Chetan. It was only after the intervention of Film Chamber and the Directors and Writers Association that the issue was solved. 

Metrolife spoke to actor Chetan to get his version of the story. Chetan says that he has been falsely accused. He observes that for Mareyalaare, he has given over six months of his time and dedication (while rejecting a few of the other projects in the process) to work on every element of the film including writing the entire screenplay and dialogues (along with Charisma Bharadwaj). 

“Why would an individual who puts so much effort into a project do something to compromise that work of art in any way,” he asks and adds, “I do only one film a year and passionately aim to better myself with each project. I believe in each and every film I do.” Chetan says that he began writing the script as a creative process, all in an effort to promote good cinema.

“It’s not about egos, it’s just that I care about the project. It’s the performance, passion and my creative instincts that drove me to script the film,” he explains.

In response to Sharat's allegations, the entire Film Chamber led by the Directors’ Association and Writers’ Association along with several other members investigated the matter and unanimously came to the conclusion that “Chetan has always worked in the best interest of the film Mareyalaare, and was in the right and that Sharat was making fallacious financial as well as behavioural accusations. In fact, Sharat has been censured and reprimanded for his actions by the Association.” M S Ramesh, President of the Directors and Writer’s Association says that an understanding has been reached between both parties. “There’s bound to be a few issues when you work with such a large team. These things are a part and parcel of film-making. The issue has been resolved and I am sure the two artistes will work together again,” he says.

Director Sharat doesn’t seem to happy to be talking about the issue. “Yes it has been solved. Cinema is an ongoing process and Mareyalaare will definitely go on,” he says.
Will he team up with Chetan again? “I don’t know about that. We will have to wait and watch,” he sums up.