Living the mystery of life

Desire and feverishness scatter our mind which reflects in our life.  Train the mind a little to live in the present moment.

When we are in the present moment and look back, our anxiousness and anger appear so meaningless. So when anger and anxiousness drop off, all that remains is joy and love.

Everyone wants to understand, ‘‘why am I not feeling good?’’ or ‘‘why is there pain in my life?”  

The more you try to understand and try to dig into it, the less you seem to understand. The Bhagavad Gita says, ‘Kalatyoti krit pravartau’, which means ‘I am the time in which everything dissolves and everything comes up’.

In life, everything is impermanent. You have cried, wept, got angry and become agitated. All that passed. This very moment will also pass. When you understand that everything around you is anyway changing, then your awareness rises.

But how do you notice this change? You will only notice it because there is something that is not changing.

The non-changing in you is dormant; changing in you is dominant. Observing the dominant change, you get a glimpse of that something that is not changing.

God gives a pinch of unpleasantness every now and then. This makes you aware of the pleasant moments.

Every pinch that you receive in life is for the best as it makes you strong and capable to face challenges.  If you had only pleasant times, your life would stagnate with utter boredom. You would become like a stone. So in order to keep you alive, nature gives you a little pinch now and then.

Often we blame others in our life. Misery is not given by anyone or anything in life. It is your own mind which makes you miserable and your own mind that makes you happy and uplifted.

If you are absolutely content with what you have there is no aspiration in life. It is important to have aspirations but if you are feverish about it that itself becomes an impediment.

If a cup is held under a tap that is running at full force that cup will never get full. Run the tap water at the right speed and the cup fills up.  This is what happens with people who are too ambitious or feverish. Just have the intention, “This is what I want” - and let go.

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