Minchu, Arya still very critical

Minchu, Arya still very critical

Minchu, Arya still very critical

"Minchu's blood test report showed very high levels of creatinine in the blood due to which the kidneys are unable to function to its full capacity. Salmonella bacteria have infected Minchu badly where the endo toxins in the bacteria have affected different organs in the animal.  We are treating the infection with the antibiotics, but it looks like
Minchu is not responding completely to the treatment," said Dr C Renukaprasad, Director, Institute of Animal Health and Veterinarian Biologicals.

While Minchu is struggling between life and death, the 11-year-old white tiger in the park, Arya is showing some improvement, but is still critical.

No improvement

Dr B C Chittiappa, Veterinarian at BBP apprehended on the health of the two big cats. He said Minchu's blood samples had shown no improvement on its condition.

"Minchu is on IV fluids and Arya ate one kilogram of liver on Sunday but is still very dull. Blood samples are sent everyday to check their conditions.  We are also having a close look at all the other infected animals, including the cubs of Gowri," he said.  Gowri’s three-month-old cub died due to bacterial infection on Saturday.

The cub's post mortem reports showed inflamed liver due to Salmonella bacteria in the chicken consumed by the cub. Of the four cubs, one died and two other are showing symptoms of diarrhoea. Both the mother and the cubs have been shifted from Safari to the Rehabilitation Centre at BBP.  Since the source of infections was found, these animals are only fed with beef at present.

Milo Tago, Executive Director of BBP said that a team of four veterinary doctors examined the tigers on Sunday and they are “doing their best” to save the animals.  

"Of the 11 tigers, only Minchu and Arya are still critical.  Since we wanted to avoid a crowd near the ailing animals, we closed safari on Sunday," he said. Visitors were disappointed since BBP opened two hours late in the morning and safari was closed after 2 pm. However, Tago said that both the park and safari will be open on Monday.