Dead man comes alive

 M L Chandre Gowda (58), a resident of Manabur near Magundi went missing on May 21 from Hemmakki, where he had come to purchase a bullock. He stayed at the residence of his relative Jagadish for two days and had bought a bullock. He had left Hemmakki on May 23 at 6.30 am with the bullock, back to his village but never reached home.

His family came to Hemmakki in search of him but went in vain as they could not trace him. The family alleged that Chandregowda had died after being electrocuted at one of the ginger farms, and the locals had hid his dead body. They even filed a complaint in this regard and the police registered the complaint and started investigating the case.

The police had suspected many of the residents of Hemmakki and had interrogated several youth from the village. On Tuesday, the entire issue took a dramatic turn when one of the relatives of Chandre Gowda living in Karkala, came to Kalasa along with Chandre Gowda. Chandre Gowda in a rather obscure manner narrated that he felt depressed and he walked his way to Kagganalla from Hemmakki and reached Karkala, where he started working in a hotel.

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