Remains of another day

Remains of another day

It is difficult to scale this range of hills, thanks to the vegetation and the terrain, but as you trek along, you will find several water bodies and patches of rich greenery; a visual treat.
Historians say the descendants of Chitradurga’s palegars (local chieftains) lived here. They built steps that can take one to the top. You can still see the many tanks, ponds and other ancient structures including granaries on the way.

Records say a chieftain called Krishna Sarjappa Nayak ruled the place. On the summit of the hill, there’s a spot where once, the sentinel of the Nayak ruler stood to keep a watch on the enemies. Also, you’ll get panoramic views of the entire region from the summit. There is a cave here, which it is learnt, has a tunnel that leads up to Chitradurga.

Meanwhile, treasure hunters relentlessly raid this area in search of some secret bounty stashed away somewhere underneath these structures. Villagers complain that these expeditions are marring the beauty of the hills.

The area also has a well-known temple called Biddakalappa. The deity here is revered as the rain god.

People from Kudlur, Shivapur, Mundre and other villages in the vicinity offer prayers to the rain god if the monsoon fails to arrive on time, explains Kudlur’s Gram Panchayat member T N Rajakumar.

The bells that were installed by the chieftains in the shrine are a good 30-35 feet high. The temple meanwhile, needs some attention from the Muzrai Department.

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