Lawyers take law into hand, beat up driver

Lawyers take law into hand, beat up driver

Such incidents involving advocates are regular feature, observe police

The driver and an advocate had fought earlier, a minor episode that snowballed.  
Srinivas, who sustained injuries on his head was rushed to Victoria Hospital. He was discharged after being treated as an out-patient. An advocate, Anand Raj, was also injured in the incident and was shifted to St Martha’s Hospital. The situation was tense for hours following the incident, Halasuru Gate police said.

Anand Raj asked Srinivas to take him to the consumer court on KG Road. Srinivas refused. Raj told Srinivas he could not refuse customers’ demands whenever they wanted to hire the auto.

Srinivas said he owned the auto and no one could dictate terms to him. Raj threatened to lodge a complaint with the police. An adamant Srinivas ignored Raj’s warning. Raj is then reported to have dared Srinivas to come inside the court campus as he would get what he deserved for refusing his demand, said the police.

Both got into a verbal dual and entered the court campus. Raj allegedly hit Srinivas who retaliated by hitting the former in his face. Both began bleeding. A few advocates rushed to Raj’s rescue, surrounded Srinivas and are alleged to have thrashed him.

“They kicked me, beat me up, kept thrashing even when I was lying on ground crying for help,” Srinivas told Deccan Herald.  

Halasuru Gate police said it was Raj who attacked Srinivas first. Police prevented the advocates from thrashing Srinivas and shifted him to the hospital. Reacting to the incident, Advocates’ Association president K N Puttegowda told

Deccan Herald: “Young advocates lost control and thrashed Srinivas after seeing heavily bleeding Raj. It was Srinivas who attacked Raj. As an auto driver, wearing uniform, Srinivas should allow his auto to be hired whenever customers demand.”

To the auto driver’s allegation that such incidents involving advocates were a regular feature, an observation buttressed by Halasuru Gate police, Puttegowda claimed advocates often cracked under pressure.

Refuting the driver’s allegations, Puttegowda said it was advocates who handed Srinivas over to the police and ensured he was taken to the hospital.

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