Colours of Indian spectrum

Colours of Indian spectrum

Visual treat

Colours of Indian spectrum

Girls in their traditional attire.

The National College, Basavanagudi celebrated its ethnic day which brought alive the vibrant tradition of India and provided a platform to the students to showcase their multi- faceted talents.

For those, who visited the college on the ethnic day, it was a visual treat to see the girls dressed in colourful saris especially selected for the occasion. Most of the students enthusiastically participated in the celebrations by wearing traditional dress and made the event a grand success. However, there were a few who came in their usual clothes, but that didn’t stop them from getting drenched in festive mood. They took the responsibility of setting the stage for the cultural activities.

To celebrate the spirit of the day, a few faculty members too came dressed in ethnic clothes to the delight of the youngsters. The entire college was decked with mango leaves, banana tress, rangoli and folk art. A replica of the world famous Hampi Chariot, made of thermocol by the students, was the cynosure of all eyes.

“This is one event we look forward to every year. The campus saw many cultural and literary events being held in the last two weeks. We held competitions like rangoli, mehendi and cooking without oil. Ethnic day is a confluence of several activities which help to discover potential talents,” said Asha, one of the students.

A group of students including Jeevan, Sachin, Dilip and Sudheendra had made all the effort to present a fabulous moment to the students by supervising all the arrangements. “I wanted to create something which can glorify both our history and tradition.

Eventually, we came up with an idea to carve the Hampi Chariot in thermocol. For this work, a team of ten  students worked tirelessly for two days and this beautiful structure is the culmination of our hard work and dedication,” says Jeevan.