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Riverbed’s new features for WAN optimisation

Riverbed Technology has introduced enhanced features to streamline the visibility and reporting efforts of organisations deploying WAN optimisation. Since the completion of its acquisition of Mazu Networks in February 2009, Riverbed® has integrated the visibility and analysis capabilities of Cascade™ appliances into its WAN optimisation solutions. In the new version, Cascade 8.3, Riverbed will provide out-of-the box WAN optimisation intelligence, with an enhanced level of automation, ease-of-use, and consolidated enterprise visibility in one place.

Cascade ‘out-of-the-box’ analyses network traffic to provide information on performance, interactions of and dependencies between users, applications and networks. It will enable operators to gain insights about bottlenecks in the environment, reporting on both optimised and non-optimised traffic.

Wind River Hypervisor supports virtualisation 

Wind River has announced the availability of Wind River Hypervisor, a key component in Wind River’s comprehensive Multicore Software Solution for device development. It is a high-performance Type-1 hypervisor, which supports virtualisation on single and multicore processors. It provides integration with Wind River’s industry leading operating systems ( VxWorks And Wind River Linux) and supports other operating systems. The Wind River Workbench development tools suite has been extended to support developing software that runs on the Wind River Hypervisor.

Wind River Hypervisor enables virtualisation for devices across a broad range of market segments, including aerospace and defence. Within these markets, embedded developers are adopting hypervisors to replace multiple boards or CPUs with a single board and/or a single CPU, create innovative new devices that leverage multiple operating systems, and reduce complexity when integrating multicore processors.

BenQ introduces LCD monitor TV  

BenQ, the digital network devices brand, has announced the launch of its 22 inch LCD monitor TV, SE2231, for high-density urban markets. The monitor TV displays all TV contents such as high definition broadcasts, blu-ray movies, camcorder videos, console games and PC applications like documents, games, web-browsing and picture viewing. It comes with 10,000:1 Auto Contrast Enhancement (ACE), 5ms rapid response time and HDTV 1080p compatibility.

Smart Tech launches new interactive whiteboard  

Smart Technologies has announced the availability of SMART Board 685ix interactive whiteboard system—a high-definition, high-performance collaboration tool that eliminates shadows, glare and projector light in the eyes. The system comprises a SMART Board 685 interactive whiteboard and the new wall-mounted, ultra-short-throw UX60 widescreen projector with a 16:10 aspect ratio and WXGA resolution (1280x800).

The SMART Board™ 685ix interactive whiteboard system delivers a top-of-the-line interactive whiteboard experience. The UX60 uses Texas Instrument's (TI) DLP® Brilliant Color™ technology high-contrast engine to produce stunning color performance and clear images. The DLP technology virtually eliminates color decay and maintains color quality for a long time.

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