Become a joyous human

One thing that I would like to remind you of at this point is, in this world, on this planet, most of the harm, most of the pain, most of the suffering has been caused to people, to humankind, only with good intentions, not with bad intentions. The maximum slaughter and killing has happened on this planet only with good intentions.

If you look at the world, the fight is not between the good and the bad. It is always the good people who are fighting. If you are a good Indian, you fight a good Pakistani; if you are a good Hindu, you fight a good Muslim.

The better you are, the more you fight. It is not the bad people who are fighting each other. It is always good people with good intentions. So our intentions are fine, but fundamentally, every human being first needs to work on himself because whatever you do in your ignorance, you are only harming yourself and the world around you.

The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous human being; because no matter what you are doing, it doesn't matter what you are pursuing in your life, whether it's business, money, power, education, service or whatever else you wish to do, you are doing it because somewhere deep inside you know that this will bring you happiness.

Every single action that we perform is springing from an aspiration to be happy. Today we are seeking happiness so vigorously that the very life of the planet is being threatened.

In the last 100 years, with the aid of science and technology, much has been done on this planet. There are many conveniences and comforts that could never have been dreamt of100 years ago. In spite of that, it cannot be said humanity is any happier than what it was 100 years ago.

So it does not matter with what intentions you do any act, still, fundamentally you are only creating what you are.

If man does not take up this project in his life- that he changes himself into a joyous human being by his own nature, not because of something or somebody else-then unknowingly, with good intentions, he will cause much damage to everything around him.

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