A wild journey

WB presents Ocean’s Eleven on September 24 at 9 pm. The movie stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Casey Affleck, Andy Garcia and Don Cheadle.

The plan is set. The rules are clear. If all goes right for Danny Ocean’s grifters, the payoff is $150 million divided by 11. You do the math — George Clooney plays Danny, defying the odds in a split-second heist of three Vegas casinos.

Most beautiful places

Watch Get Out on September 24 at 10.30 pm on TLC. Tag along with Lindsay Clubine and Misty Rice as they visit the hottest spots halfway around the world.

From the waves and water of Hawaii to the coolest clubs in Cabo, Get Out grants you a VIP access to the top tourist spots on the globe.

Fast-paced and far-reaching, the show stops at only the most beautiful places on the planet.

Get Out combs the beaches, goes to the bars, hears the buzz and brings it all back to your home.

Mixing luxurious locations with wild behind-the-scenes footage, Get Out takes reality television to some unreal places.

Ever wanted a peek into Madonna’s former mansion? Or wondered what it's like to feed a shark? Then get away from the everyday and Get Out.

An insight into everyday life

Have you ever wondered how things are made? From adhesive hockey pucks to frozen French wires, find out how everyday objects we use become the things they are.

Watch as Discovery Science’s programme How It’s Made reveals the methods and materials of everyday items in a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process. In this episode, see how footballs are made.

The programme airs on September 24 at 10.30 pm.

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