More than 'momos'

More than 'momos'

Tibetan treat

More than 'momos'

  Some of the delicacies.With its make-shift decorum and the walls made out of bamboo sticks, Momo Hut could easily pass off as a Goan food joint. But this small but easy on the wallet eating joint in Koramangala, is all about Tibetan food. Situated in 5th block, in an alley away from the hustle-bustle of the main road, Momo Hut is a great place to hang out with friends over some delectable Thukpa or a plate of momos.

The menu in the place is quite limited and includes momos, Shaptra with Tingma, Thupka, Thenthuk, Phing with Tungma, Chowmein and rice.

For those who are not aware of the Tibetan lingo, chef Kamal, who is present here, is extremely friendly and informative. You can start your meal with a plate of momos which are served fresh with some chilli sauce. The momos are plain and salty and though the covering is a little thick on the top, the overall taste is quite nice. They are best when had with the sauce which adds a zing to the steamed dumplings.

Another great dish to try out is the Shaptra. It is a plate of fried vegetables in a spicy gravy which is served along with a fresh white bun. The maida bun is made fresh in the shop and is not the kind available in the market. Not at all sweet or salty, it makes a good combination with the Shaptra gravy which consists of fresh potato, capsicum, tomatoes and spinach.

People, who are not too keen on experimenting, can always go for some plain old chowmein or fried rice but what you should definitely try your hand at is the Thukpa. The dish is actually a noodle soup and is served piping hot with plenty of slightly sautéed noodles and is an absolute delight.

The soup is fresh and tastes distinctly of the vegetables used. A bowl of Thukpa is all you would need on a cold, rainy morning in the City to make the day better.

Thenthuk is a similar soup which served with flat noodles. The soup is a little less oily here because steamed noodles are used in this dish.

Momo Hut is quite popular with the young crowd in the area especially the students from the nearby Jyoti Nivas College, who gobble up the momos here quite often. And all for a good reason. When here, don’t expect fancy cutlery and comfortable seating arrangement.

But what Momo Hut lacks in ambience, it very well makes up with the food and friendly staff.