Action star Vijay has meaty roles in the upcoming films 'Devaru' and 'Black Pant

Action star Vijay has meaty roles in the upcoming films 'Devaru' and 'Black Pant


His grunts, growls, roars and his expressions are something that remain etched in people’s mind. But the screen persona is totally different from what Vijay is in real life.
Chat Vijay up and you’d soon realise that his tough exterior is just a facade.

His friendly, calm, level-headed face shows up in no time. The real Vijay has hundred reasons to be so. He has seen the rough side of the film industry.  “There was a time when I would roam Gandhinagar, pictures and portfolios in hand, knocking on one or the other director’s door, all for just an opportunity to hit the silver screen,” Vijay told Metrolife.  But today, it is the directors who are after Vijay. They know that Vijay in their star cast is a sure fire hit.

Vijay has his hands full. He’s all set to essay the role of a rowdy ruling the underworld in Devaru. In Black Panther, he plays the role of a middle class man who gets dragged into the underworld and turns a pauper. “This man who turns a pauper avenges those who landed him in this plight. He hits back with a vengeance,” says Vijay.

In another movie in the making, Vijay plays the role of a cop for which he says he’s working at building his body further, almost thrice as much. 

He says that his craze for films know no bounds. Ask him why the fame has not got to his head and Vijay says, “Even today, I consider every movie I sign up as my very first film. This helps me put in the same dedication and hard work as if I were beginning afresh.”

Vijay’s forte is action films. He’s well aware that most of the roles he does are life threatening and confesses that he just about manages to escape death every time he completes a film. “But action thrills me and anything else is incomparable,” says Vijay.

He says a lot of roles have come to him by accident and fortunately all of them have been good accidents. Rubbishing rumours about him and Shuba Poonja going around, he says, “A lot people have seen us together. I just wished the media kept out of my personal life and didn’t hype issues and create controversies, most of which do not even exist.”

Vijay says someday he wishes to play the role of a mentally-challenged person, “I have always wondered what it would be like if a mentally-challenged person fell in love. He too would have strong feelings which he would like to express. It would indeed be challenging to do such a role,” he signs off.

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