Horse wins 'life race' with train

Horse wins 'life race' with train

Run for life

Horse wins 'life race' with train

The truth however was completely different. The horse, who found itself being followed by the train, in fact, was running for its life.

Rare spectacle

A local villager, who was witness to the incident, captured the rare spectacle in his cell phone.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Budaon district, about 350 kilometres from here, on Thursday, when a horse, while grazing in the fields, strayed on to the nearby railway tracks unmindful of the danger ahead.

Suddenly a passenger train also came on the track and finding itself trapped on the tracks, the horse began to run with all its might. After all it was a question of life and death.
The race between the train and the horse continued for a while as the nearby villagers also witnessed the race with bated breath.

Fortunately the driver of the train spotted the horse, which was running ahead of the train on the tracks and applied the brakes on time saving the life of the horse.