Govt to reconstruct renovated guest house

Govt to reconstruct renovated guest house

Govt to reconstruct renovated guest house

In its place, the State Government will construct a nine-storeyed building with all amenities, including a restaurant. The guest house is meant for the ‘privileged class’ - MLAs, MLCs, MPs and government officials.

The existing structure consists of 77 double-bedded rooms, of which 65 were renovated at the  cost of Rs 1.25 crore only a year ago. The demolition of the renovated structure reflects the planning, or the lack of it, by the government. The new building will be built at a cost of of about Rs 40 crore.

The new structure would have around 150 rooms, including 24 for VIPs. Besides, a restaurant, a kitchen, a conference hall and a meeting hall would be constructed.

The built up area of the existing structure is about 73,846 sqft. The new building will measure about 1.16 lakh sqft.  PWD Minister C M Udasi said the reconstruction was necessary since the building is located in the heart of the City and there is demand for more rooms.

“Earlier the department planned to renovate the building, the plan was dropped as the foundation was not strong enough to support more floors,” he said. As of now, the guest house is spread across 1.5 acres and PWD plans to acquire half acre from the adjacent Freedom Park.

Replying to a question, Udasi said the department would construct 2,000 more houses in government officers’ quarters in Bangalore.

New plan

* Built-up area: 1.16 lakh sqft.
* Rooms: 150.
*Cost: Rs 40 crore.
* Construction period: 18 months.