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hilarious Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 2.A dangerous trail

HBO presents Rush Hour 2 starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Zhang Zi Yi and John Lone on  September 27 at 9 pm. Inspector Lee and detective Carter are vacationing in Hong Kong when a bomb explodes in the American Embassy, killing two secret agents. On the trail of a ring of smugglers, the two find themselves up against a powerful crime lord, Ricky Tan, and his deadly right-hand woman. While Lee dishes out the kicks and antics hard and fast, Carter is content motor-mouthing the bad guys to death.

Discovering rich traditions

Watch Globe Trekker on September 27 at 9 pm on TLC. Got a bad case of
wanderlust? TLC has the cure.

The hosts of Globe Trekker with their like-minded friends come out with an inspirational destination guide to the planet.  Synonymous with carefree, out-of-the-ordinary travel, Globe Trekker explores some of the world’s most unique sites and cities, and delves
beneath the surface to discover time-honoured  traditions.

Fascinating creatures

The popular globe-trotting naturalist, wildlife expert Jeff Corwin launches an adventurous new sensory exploration of animal behaviour in Corwin’s Quest.

Throughout the programme, Jeff brings viewers face to face with amazing animals and their super cool traits — from the largest living animal, the blue whale to the world’s longest snake, the reticulated python, from vervet monkeys, which communicate using their own unique language, to Mexican free-tailed bats, which use sound to see, and from the deadly desert scorpion to a killer snail. Corwin’s Quest airs on September 27 at 9 pm on Animal Planet.

 Funny and romantic

WB presents Must Love Dogs starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet and Bobby Coleman. The movie airs on September 27 at 9 pm. Divorced and not having been on any dates for two years, 37-year-old Sarah Hurlihy is juggling her job as a preschool teacher, her interfering family, and more men than she can handle thanks to an online ad. Can her family back off long enough to avoid scaring all of these men away in this charming romantic comedy?