Fear versus faith

The demoniac annihilation happening so easily- the bomb blasts and carnage, the violence and crime scenes fill a fear that some terrorist or a criminal is waiting to strike any moment. Many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

The fragile hearts of people don't seem to be pumping nourishing blood to the brain now, but the  blood of fear and panic. The meaningfulness of life seems to have been replaced by innumerable doubts, confusion, apprehensions and negativity. This seems to be a perfect time and age of 'don't let others live or love'.

The warnings we hear from our loved ones ring ominously in our ears – "Always be aware of your surroundings, take someone with you if you can, if you see any odd behaviour in others, don't dismiss it, go with your instinct."  The instinct is to flee from the scene- flee from the next human being- he or she may be a potential criminal.

What is happening to the sanity in our heads –its voice is muffled by the loud screeches of fear and anxiety. " Are you locking all the doors properly amma, is our dog as vigilant as before? We had seen the news about the murder of an old couple in Jayanagar…we feel anxious" – most of the conversation with children go like this for parents who are here, who earlier were very comfortable cracking jokes and sharing pleasantries with their children who are abroad. Now, it is not uncommon to hear a lady talk with her friend on mobile this way– "I got my hair cut very short because rapists go after ladies with long hair I believe…I am damn scared of the very thought". It is not uncommon to hear a father with tears in eyes say to his son  "don't ever try drag racing, the mere thought fills me with fear, give me your word"

Why are we not hearing the carefree guffaws of youngsters now, why don't friends talk about innocent child-like pleasures and discuss about neighbour's angry protests over broken window panes? Why are families not sitting peacefully and planning to go on a holiday? Why is everybody so badly caught up in the world full of violence – some perpetrating it, some succumbing to it ?Why is fear grabbing people and swinging around?

Cutting short my deep contemplation, I hear a voice – " Does the sky always have dark clouds ? Doesn’t a bright morning follow a dark night? Fear is the dark night, faith is the bright morning. Once fear has positioned itself firmly in place, it does not want to be sent packing. It is generally much harder to rid yourself of it, than it was to acquire it in the first place. Over time , fear becomes internalised and becomes a part of you. Try as you might to get rid of it, it holds on tight. The only sure fire way to get rid of fear, is to make certain you replace it with courage. Once you have eliminated  it from your mind, you will be ‘free’.  To conquer fear, one must ’acknowledge it’, ‘dissect it’, envision it’, confront it’.

‘For this to happen, one must become spiritually mature, strong.  There is much in this world to make you afraid, but there is much much more in your faith to make you fearless.

Those who fear life are three parts dead- let us all try to live life fully, wrapped around by unflinching faith in the Supreme.

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