Your heart yearns for 30 mins walk everyday!

Your heart yearns for 30 mins walk everyday!

World Heart Day: Youth increasingly vulnerable

Your heart yearns for 30 mins walk everyday!

This was informed by Dr Sadanand of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Mysore unit at K R Hospital, at a programme organised as part of World Heart Day, at VLCC in the city on Sunday.

“Any form of exercise, be it treadmill, aerobic, stretching muscles etc., atleast for half-an-hour per day will help check heart related diseases”, said Sadanand. Apart from this, consuming vegetables, fruits, pulses, and fish (for those who prefer meat) goes further in keeping the heart safe from illnesses.

Highlighting the factors that lead to heart related ailments, the doctor said diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol can be termed as killer diseases.

As and when sugar level increases, persons suffering from the same are prone to heart attacks.

Dr Sadanand said the number of heart attacks are on rise among people living in urban areas when compared to rural areas. About 10 to 11 per cent of people among them are vulnerable to  heart attacks. However, what is alarming is number of youth in the age group of25 to 30 years are being increasingly hit by such health disorders. He attributed it to change in life style and one’s taste for junk food, and unhealthy habits that lead to obesity.


Most importantly, smokers are the early victims of heart attacks. Of 10 people, three to four suffer from these complaints due to smoking only.

Replying to a query, the doctor said non-smokers too suffer from heart related complaints through genetics. However, arthritis doesn’t lead to heart attacks, he clarified.

Manager, VLCC, Mysore centre, Nandini Murthy said one should always take utmost care of their health. Quoting a person, she said two categories of people can be found on roads in morning hours. “The first category of people walk to eke out their living selling products, while the second category people walk only to keep better health. And, both is for living”, said Nandini Murthy.