Scholar from Israel to talk on holocaust

Scholar from Israel to talk on holocaust

Scholar from Israel to talk on holocaust

Diti Ronen, a Jewish Israeli poetess and a scholar would deliver the lecture. Ronen, who is a professor of English at the Bar-Ilan University, Israel is visiting UoM on a month-long tour.

Besides being a noted poet, she is the daughter of a holocaust survivor. The Tel Aviv born writer is named after her grandmother, who was killed in Auschwitz. This identity leads her to repeatedly try and reflect, in her work, the experiences of the catastrophe that tore several families apart and snapped the very thread of the society in various parts of the world.

K M Chandar, chairman of the department of English,  UoM said that the poetess has kept her promise to come as a visiting professor to the University.

She was in city early this year to attend the Kritya Poetry festival held at Central Institute of Indian Languages(CIIL). Her poetries like ‘Littlebird’, ‘Inner Moon’ and ‘With the Slip Showing’ deliberate on the thoughts of being the daughter of a holocaust survivor.

Ronen’s poems are taught in academic institutions, adapted into plays and have served as lyrics for songs.

She is regularly invited to talk about holocaust literature at the Sal Vangelder Institute for Holocaust Instruction and Research at Bar-Ilan University.

The lectures will focus on holocaust poetry, elaborating the world which hides beneath the words of her poems.