City businessmen in Ravi Poojary's sights

City businessmen in Ravi Poojary's sights

City businessmen in Ravi Poojary's sights

Calls and letters demanding money were received by some top builders in the City, with an unmistakable threat to their lives over the last year and half. (One of the letters has been reproduced in the box.)

Sanjay Mukharjee, Vice President of Vakil Housing Development Corporation Private Limited filed a complaint with the Koramangala police station in first week of September after receiving such an intimidating letter asking them to cough up Rs 50 lakh. The case is now with Central Crime Branch.

Almost every big real estate developer have an identical this letter during the same time, but none has come forward to give a complaint, police officer said. Apparently, Ravi Poojary is now trying to develop Bangalore as his second base after Mangalore.

“He (Ravi) uses small time goondas like Chandru to extract information about certain developers and businessmen. He would use them to know about their operation, size of company, car and mobile numbers and personal details like number of kids they have which school they are studying. Once he is done with this, he would then contact the prey over phone or letter asking for the extortion money,” said a senior crime branch officials.

According to senior police officers, Poojary uses smalltime goondas as local agents to avoid police action against his top associates.

“These small time anti-social elements take pride being Pujary's associates. We have a strong data base to monitor the activities of Poojary's gang in the city. Every time, he changes his associates for any new assignments,” the officer.

Death threat in a letter

To all the builders in the city,
Builder Bhai,

Don’t get disturbed after reading this letter. Bhai (Ravi Poojary) talks only once and he won’t even talk to you after this. Give us the money without any drama or else be ready to face the consequence. And don’t come to me seeking apology. We want only Rs 50 lakh within one month.

You have to handover the money to Anis in Bangalore. He will come to Bunts Sangh in Vijayanager and you have to settle the deal there. Everything is clear, I don’t want to hear rubbish stories and don’t act smart or else try to recall what had happened in Mangalore. The same thing will happen to you. I am warning you again, if you want to live then keep quite and give us the money. If you inform the police about this, I will be waiting for in the graveyard.

Every businessman gives me money and you also have to do the same. Or else ask your father to be ready to perform your last rites. Nothing to be worried. Give the money and have fun.

Suraj Poojary
Mail me incase of any doubt:
(The letter was posted from Mumbai GPO)

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