Contented persons create space for themselves: Vaidehi

Writer Vaidehi releases ‘Akkara Mane’, a compilation of articles by Prof B A Viveka Rai, former vice chancellor of Kannada University, Hampi, at Canara First Grade College in Mangaluru.

Writer Vaidehi said that, while most people ‘struggle for space’, creative and contented people like Prof B A Viveka Rai have such a privilege by default.

She was speaking after releasing ‘Akkara Mane’, a compilation of articles of Prof B A Viveka Rai, writer and former vice chancellor of Karnataka State Open University and Kannada University, Hampi, at a programme at Canara First Grade College in the city.

“Prof Rai has worked with different forms of literature and set an example by being creative even after his retirement,” she commended.

Speaking about Prof Rai, Vaidehi said, “Born and raised in a poor household in the rural area of Agrala in Puttur, he is a person whose wealth lies in knowledge and experience. Yet, he is simple in his approach and does not carry any dark spots in his professional or personal life.”

Prof Rai said that it was a misnomer that literary works are serious. “Literature is about understanding people. It provides a platform to express objectivity with a humane perspective,” he added.

“With the study of literary works of various nations, one can come across various schools of thought. My interest in European literature inspired me to transliterate several German literary works into Kannada,” said Prof Rai.

Artistes Sarojini Shetty and Meenakshi Ramachandra recited a portion of ‘Nettara Maduve’, the Kannada transliteration of Federico Garcia Lorca’s play ‘Blood Wedding’.

Krishnamurthy, University College Kannada Lecturers’ Association ‘Vikasa’ president and Govindadasa College, Surathkal, Kannada Department head; Na Damodar Shetty, writer; and Prof Ramachandra, writer, were present.

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Contented persons create space for themselves: Vaidehi


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