ICC World Cup 2019: England's defeat, and reactions

ICC World Cup 2019: England's defeat, and reactions

Photo credit: Reuters

They were the prime favourites to win the World Cup. They were supposed to streamroll every opponent on their way. They were supposed to be ruthlessly dominating. 

A bit more than halfway into the tournament and England find themselves tottering in the fourth position of the table. Worse, so far they have lost three matches out of seven and two of them have come consecutively. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan are close on their heels and further tumble can see England crash out of the tournament and bring an end to their hopes of "It is coming home". Here are some of the reactions after their 64 runs loss against Australia. 

Kevin Pietersen has raised concerns about Eoin Morgan's possible weakness



Piers Morgan believes that it is more about fear than talent 







From favourites to strugglers



He doesn't sound too optimistic..



They have a mountain to climb



The Wizard of Oz can't contain his excitement



And a dose of laughter


Lastly, time for calculation