ICC World Cup 2019: Tearful adieus all over

ICC World Cup 2019: Tearful adieus all over

Beyond boundaries

Patrick Farhat

Patrick Farhart, the Indian team’s physio for four years, ended his tenure with the Indian team on a tearful note and an emotional message following their exit from the World Cup. A jovial character, Farhart had been a lively presence around the team, often seen joking and bantering with the Indian players but being a strict taskmaster as well when it mattered.

The Australian-based physio was in tears as he shook his hands with all the Indian team members for one final time after their loss and later put out a heart-warming tweet. “Whilst my last day with the team did not turn out as I wanted it to, I would like to thank @BCCI for the opportunity to work with the team for the last 4 years. My best wishes to all of the players and support staff for the future,” Patrick Farhart tweeted.

Meanwhile, it was also the end of the journey for strength and conditioning trainer Shanker Basu and Sri Lankan left-arm throwdown specialist Nuwan Seneviratne with the Indian team.


Stashing bags everywhere!

The extension of India-New Zealand semifinal in Manchester threw scores of Indian supporters’ travel plans out of the window. While hundreds of fans donated their tickets to the organisers to be distributed among the local cricket community for free, majority of the fans decided to stay back and watch the match with India’s win looking imminent at the point it was stopped on Tuesday.

Most of them, however, had to vacate the hotels and apartments they had rented out. With big bags not allowed to be carried inside the stadium, they had to leave their luggage in nearby facilities like Airbag and Stasher at various points in the city. With six pounds for a maximum of nine-hour deposit, it was a safe and cost-effective option than extending your stay.


Off-loading tickets in black

Selling tickets in black in India is risky as it’s an illegal act but in England you can find them all around a ground openly carrying out their business. The touts are generally the locals but on Wednesday, you could see many Indians selling their tickets near Edgbaston for the England-Australia semifinal.

Only that they were not trying to make fast bucks, instead they were off-loading their tickets that they had bought assuming it’s going to be an India vs England semifinal as Australia looked like finishing atop the table till the last league match. One of them was happy to part his ticket for its cover price of 52 pounds for which he had shelled out 200 pounds thinking it will be an India match.