We prepare like we're in the playing XI: Karthik

We prepare like we're in the playing XI: Karthik

Positive outlook: Dinesh Karthik, having made just one appearance for India in the World Cup, said he always train with the belief of making it into the playing XI. AP/PTI

Dinesh Karthik got his chance against Bangladesh after sitting out the first six games and had to go in to bat when he had no choice but to start swinging at everything immediately. He managed just eight before miscuing a shot off Mustafizur Rahman.

After spending majority of the time on the bench, it can be hard on players like him and Ravindra Jadeja to go in and succeed instantly but Karthik said they always train with a belief that they will be in the playing 11 after for every match.  

“I think every member in this 15 prepares every game believing that he can play,” said Karthik on Friday. “I say that because we get a handful of opportunities. We get an opportunity to hit in the practice. We get to play against bowlers. So basically, we're treated like we're playing in the 11. So, we try and prepare like we're playing in the 11. Obviously, when they tell us (the team management) we're not playing, then that's when we know whether we're playing or not. But up until then, we practice in such a manner that we are knowing we're going to play in the 11,” he explained.

There haven’t been many successful chases in the tournament with the teams batting second finding it hard to score easily as the pitches get slower and slower in the latter half of the match. The scoreboard pressure too can add to botched up chases.   

“I think it's a bit of both,” he felt. “The conditions also… Obviously, when you're batting first, it's about seeing through the initial phase when the ball is new and then you have the ability to decide what the par score is and try and get there. When you're batting, I think the wicket changes a bit, becomes slightly slower, helps the spinners a little bit. For a lot of the teams, they're bowling cross-seam and the wicket has been a little up-and-down as well. It's not been that easy to execute shots. And also, this is a World Cup, so obviously there's a bit of scoreboard pressure, and I think a lot of teams have fallen prey to that as well,” he elaborated.

Karthik, however, felt India were a good chasing team and that the score board pressure didn’t apply to them.

“I think India is a team… There have been good chasers for a long time; we're very confident of chasing. We as a team believe that we're good chasers because that's what we do day in and day out. And we're a team that actually has the ability to handle pressure very well. We'd back ourselves to chase and get the totals that we believe we can achieve.”